Sunday, 24 October 2010

How dandy!

Years ago, flipping through an Enid Blyton book was the only glimpse of dandelions that I ever got. I never understood what dandelions were and why did they call them lions. I don't recall the flower ever roaring at me.

Well this little fella was battling against the cold wind. Can you believe that it's 1°C in Autumn?

Church was great, managed to slowly meet more new people around. Trying to get to know more than just the teens. Name memorising for me, ugh it's hard. But no doubt, I'm trying. The guys gathered to watch the entire set of exorcism movies in the mood for Halloween. Which I clearly ran away to the comfort of my own bed.

Sleeping over at the Maglaque's for the past 3 days was great :D But when these kinda movies come,


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