Saturday, 23 October 2010

I never thought I'd say midterm in October

Soccer also known as football. A match that was between  
Jamzone and the Brazillian church 
in Limerick. Basically it was 99% guys involved and 1 girl. The others were all in the sidelines cheering them on, including moi, yours truly.
It was a great time of fellowship and I got to meet loads of new people such as Tabitha, Natalia, Erika, Abraham, oh man my memory has seem to have worsened. Finding Nemo's Dory has been rubbing off on me.
short term memory loss.

Slept over at the Maglaque's house again which seems to be a weekly ritual now and started cooking strips of streaky bacon as well as attempting to cook a defrosted chicken which I then learnt after that it was left outside for 2 days and had to be thrown out ! Haha. 

The midterm break is here and half of it is already taken up by church :)
Thursday - worship practice at Galway 
Friday - work in the afternoon, Jamzone bonfire at night
Saturday - African service at Galway
Sunday - church in the morning, Fame the musical at night

Working as a piano teacher every Saturday made me open my eyes to priorities as well. Things like parties, and outings came 2nd. When my boss asked me, are you free on Friday? then I said yes when I knew there was going to be a party going on. Particularly one of my students probably make me love my job. I've only taught her twice and every time she ends the class, she'd give me a big hug and say she can't wait to see me again next week.


Worship practice at church went on as usual and ended my day with cooking with Trent and his ultra super duper salty adobo as well as me frying prawn crackers! The flashbacks of my childhood as I stare in awe as the little round circle expands into a big crunchy cracker of goodness came back to me :)

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