Tuesday, 12 October 2010

if only it was easy.

Previously I said I cut only half my hair short and left the back to be long, my hands got itchy after 2 days and soon I chopped everything off and yeah, now it's officially 

Although, at times I think it suits, at others I feel I look 


Oh we had our school student body elections today and Darragh is officially the representative of our class :) Hahaha never actually thought I'd witness an actual elections of student body. Lol we don't really have that back in Malaysia. Unless ketua kelas is counted? Hahaha

Mum's leaving on a plane back to Malaysia in several hours time and it's gonna be before I wake up for school so technically, yeah I won't be seeing her. We had lunch together today during the school break. 

This is gonna be a strange feeling.
I wonder how I'm gonna face the upcoming 3 weeks without a single person from a place called


Victoria said...

Aunty is coming back?? Wheee hopefully I get to see her this week and the next 2 week =)
Aww.. you will be fine =) 3 weeks come and go sangat the cepat one okay?? <3 <3 Do come back when you're free or summer break or something! *hugss*

mumsie said...

Girl, the metalwork is very beautiful. Way to go!!