Sunday, 17 October 2010


Jamzone was great, we were able to jam for quite awhile singing random songs mixing it with raps and all. Hahah just realised.

Jamzone, Jam. 
Wooo. Okay anyway after Jamzone I headed to the Maglaque's house to sleepover!

The phone alarm set off and...Worked my five hours as miss piano teacher and then proceeded over to church for the 2 hour worship practice session with Johnny, Trent and Danny which absolutely awesome and we just got all lively and filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit :)

Next stop,

It was her 17th and the first thing I was welcomed with was with a whole load of voices booming from the room. That only meant one thing,


One thing you can't separate Filipinos other than rice is Karaoke ! haha it's like a must have over here. Ready with a set of microphones and a whole bunch of lively people. Chris and Sam from Limerick came as well which was a great sight to see :D

What's a party without food right?
A whole load of spaghetti, BBQ, cake, cupcakes, spring rolls, chips and much more. So we spent like hours of nonstop eating, the food just kept coming and coming. The guys were climbing on top of the roofs on the outside as well. 

We had our own dance floor in the shed outside blasting the music up and up with us jumping and dancing till we broke the tiles. no literally. we broke the floor tiles. HAHAHAH. it was so funny though cos the neighbours then asked us to shut up or they'd call the guards. So yeah we had no choice but to shut up
First time I ever had a dancefloor without sweating a single drop since it was freezing cold over here compared to our IU Nights :)

Spent the rest of the night doing loads of random stuff including watching hot youtube videos of Taeyang, continuing with the karaoke session as well as even making sushi! When the clock struck midnight, the pumpkin reappeared and I returned back to Kesiah's house and spent yet another night at the 
Maglaque's :)

It's like my second family over here haha! :)

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