Sunday, 3 October 2010

Munster Youth @ Listowel!

Friday - Oct 1
Headed to Jamzone once more to discover the winners from last week's sleepover! Trent's team won the outdoor challenge and that was getting as many people on the streets to shout 


into their videocam and in the end they won the most points. My group came in second :( getting as many cars to beep at us. But oh well, the winner had a bigger cause :P

Followed Trent to his mum's friends house as they were celebrating someone's birthday. I know, I crashed and of course felt so retarded but in the end joined in and tried all kinds of Philipino food !


Oh and we had a karaoke session too! Of course no one can beat Kesiah's awesome voice :) I rarely admit that someone's voice is really good, so since I'm saying it, you know it is good :)

After the crazy sleepover at Kesiah's and the 3 hours of teaching piano to my students and of course the slight   increase of the thickness of my wallet(booyah), we all gathered at church and headed off on our journey from

Shannon to Limerick to Listowel which is about a 
80km drive

Bus ride was fun yet annoying. Got to meet many new people ! Met two more chinese people in Ireland woohoo. Chris & Samantha both from Hong Kong. Sam thought I was Phillipino. The normal question I get now is 

"Are you Phillipino?"

It's like previously in Malaysia,

"Are you Malay? Or mixed Indian? You can't be pure Chinese can you?"

Upon reaching Listowel we were greeted by people requesting for our names which we soon learnt the reason why. They wrote our names on bananas and threw them all over the field and our task was to find our banana.

how awesome eh?
We had to work for our food :D
 Just like cavemen had to!

Munster Youth was really awesome, way past awesome, shooting to the stars awesome. I hardly have any photos of the event as I was behind the keys most of the time. Even though the place was small, it was all the better as it was really crowded. There were about a 100 people present and of course the main man of it all,


His presence was so real and I personally felt it and it was indescribable. The part that struck me the most was they showed the exact same video that was shown on the night of Subang Rally Concert 2010 on July 3rd.

Watch it, it's definitely worth your few minutes :)

Bus ride back was crazy, as usual, filled with songs, screams and laughter and by the time we got back to Shannon it was midnight and guess what

I spent another night at Kesiah's :)

I owe you guys :) I've never had so many sleepovers till I came to Ireland man. 

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