Saturday, 9 October 2010

Shut Up And Drive

Audrey has become one step closer to eliminating the human race.

(insert evil laughter and lightning flashes in the background)

I just passed my driving theory test today!!!!!!!!!!
In exactly 2 months and 28 days I will be allowed to learn how to drive!

The funny part was the entire exam was done in a TRUCK. It's not a proper room or building that you go into. It's a vehicle, a truck, that has computers inside and you just sit there and click away.

Mum took the exam with me as well and she scored 40/40. Well i'm not surprised since she practically was glued to the computer doing the mock tests over and over again. So she was in a good mood and we headed over to BB's for a muffin and a cuppa hot chocolate to celebrate :D

Went shopping for thicker coats and jackets as the weather's becoming colder and colder and I saw 

microwaveable toys!

I'm not kidding, you actually pop these little critters into the microwave, watch them go round and round, then they become all warm and toasty and you hug 'em to sleep.

How adorable eh? 

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