Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Headed out to the shed to do the laundry before going to school and all I saw was


It was freaking freezing super ice cold today. One thing I hate is, the washing machine and dryer is not in the house, I have to go out through the back gate to the little shed that's just for laundry.

sejukkkkkk. super super duper super duper 

Finally my decorative metal project was complete! Merge of the two things I love the most.

Music and Malaysia :)

A wood plaque, brass plate, PVC Foam with yellow perspecs with a little personalisation by engraving my intials at the bottom right. With 0 experience of handling any of the tools, it's not that bad okay! Hahaha.
Definitely one of my favourite projects!

The Queen of Clumsiness
continues to reign. Trip and fell on uneven ground, or was it even ? I myself don't know. I can do the impossible and get hurt ANYWHERE ANYTIME.

Best part it's on my knee so it hurts when I walk. Second best part is I'm in my school musical and many parts requires me to kneel or bend.

Putting on the mask of pretense and perseverance

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