Tuesday, 19 October 2010

T.Y - Birr Trip Day 1

17 October , 
decided to bake a chocolate cake for Lena as she's going back to Germany in 6 days. Since she told me she liked dark chocolate I made a dark chocolate topping instead. I realised I was out of cocoa powder so headed to Supervalu to get it together with other missing items. I came home, unpacked, and realised.


hahahahahah so stupid. i had to go back to Supervalu.

18 October
The entire transition year left for 
for our two day outdoor activites. We split into two teams and it wasn't based on our classes which was fun so we got to know other people in the other class. Chucked our belongings over there and soon met the facilitators 

Team B started off with some team building activities whereas Team A hopped off into the bus and went to


Yeah, I was in Team A which was really awesome as we got to wear dry wet suits and then plunge into the water whereas Team B would then have to wear our wet suits :D

On the way to the canoeing site the usual question we always heard came about,

" Do you have a tissue? "

This time, it wasn't for some nose that was running away, but a nose that bled along the way. Before any activities even began Noel's nose started to bleed :O Which wasn't a good sign but we just headed on anyway. Too psyched up to canoe :)

We had games like racing from one end to the other, or trying to capsize each others boats and when mine finally capsized, screams were filling the entire lake.


I felt like I was swimming in an ice bath okay,

More games followed including jumping off the pier and having a good time. Some people lost their shoes in the water though. Most of them got it back except Katie.

Sayonara pink recession shoes :D

Smiles appeared on our faces as we were served with hot steaming cups of chicken soup served in adorable smiley cups together with ham and cheese sandwiches. The second the hot soup hit our stomachs it was like an 
internal microwave :D

To top it all off, a wagon wheel for dessert. A chocolate coated biscuit with marshmallows in the middle.

It was then our turn to return to the center to have our team building activities. Standing diagonally in a tight circle and attempt to sit on each others laps in mid air. Seems our trust was horrible and we all ended up falling on top of each other HAHAH.

Bang Bang game 
was played as well. watch the video to understand it. am too lazy to explain it. But the only thing that came into my mind during the game was, 

Christian Fellowship.

Hahahah this was the TYPICAL game we always had when we were out of ideas.

More team building came along as we were in groups of threes and had to cross a rope course with the aid of your teammates, knowing me and my awesome clumsiness, I knew I was bound to fall one way or another.

So Pro.
That's what you get when you're born with retarded feet.

The well known game, night owl was played but in broad daylight. We were blindfolded and led through an obstacle course of ropes, tires and tree branches ready to whack you to bits. The lads decided to play a prank to the people at the end of the trail and well,

continue to lead them on :)

As if walking with two left feet wasn't enough, we had to have 10 feet altogether. Goal : 
get from point A to B to A without touching the grass! 
if you do, there'll be a time penalty :) It was all great craic and we got to see people fall over or trip. But after all the craziness we needed to 



Chicken curry with rice that wasn't spicy :( But still, it was rice!
YEAHHHH. Finally not chips. Some people got nicer food than others thanks to their allergies. Like Jade got  spicy tomato chilli chicken which was absolutely delicious ;)

The cake finally came out along with the card that had over 30 messages from all of us to Lena. She's one of the German exchange students in our class and she'll be leaving in five days which is awful :( Thankfully I decided to make the cake last night (which wasn't such a good plan cos I slept pretty late). But who cares.

Who doesn't love to be loved right :)?

Final sporty activity of the night was wall climbing. There was a slight twist to it as after each person reached the top they were allowed to eliminate one of the rocks so others can't use it. IF they do, well they get eliminated !

Just like yours truly. -.-

All of us headed down to the lounge area when all the guys started bouncing in to the room with all their sleeping bags. They looked like ginormous jelly beans jumping around. Not to mention we were screaming poker face at the top of our lungs ;)

We made our own entertainment by having our own sing along which seemed more like a talent competition to me. The amount of talented people in my year is mind blowing .Everyone practically knows how to play an instrument and certainly almost everyone can sing. I feel like an idiot. 

We had a pantomime competition after that and we were all given random titles. The guys went all out and started borrowing our lace tops, bras, skinny jeans, make up and even G Strings oh my gosh.

Most photos are not put up for privacy issues HAHA. But oh boy I would love to put those up but yeah, I have a heart if you didn't know :)

Finally our last activity for the night was a clothes competition between the girls and the guys. 
The goal was to wear as many clothes as you possibly can. Anything is counted. Socks, shoes, underwear, bras, as long as its clothing, put it on!

Obviously, the girls won. 
Well the guys don't exactly have lace tops and bras :)

What's a sleepover without loads of junk and gunk going down your throat before you sleep?
Surprisingly I actually slept pretty early. The first time I slept immediately when the lights turned off. Was just thinking too much I guess :)

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