Wednesday, 20 October 2010

T.Y - Birr Trip Day 2!

Woke up to the sounds of collaborating annoying alarm clocks and girls running around doing their make up. Got up with hair looking like a haystack and soon headed over for breakfast. cereal and milk with toast, sausages and baked beans :)

After packing everything and cleaning up the entire dormitory, of we went!

Once again, Team A was given the priviledge of indulging in the water activities first which was even COLDER THAN YESTERDAYS.

We went river gorging over the slippery moss covered rocks, uneven terrains and gushing currents. It was so cold that we couldn't feel our toes and the minute we got out of the water, it'd hurt like a thousand needles poking through your skin as it was

But oh boy, was it an experience 
not to be missed :)

Changed behind the bushes back into our warm layers of clothing and had our lunch. Sandwiches with soup again but whenever you're hungry, anything tastes absolutely divine.

Oh yes, and I wasn't kidding when I said changed behind the bushes. There were no changing rooms so girls were behind the bushes and lads behind the wall.

After a hearty lunch it was time for


Jumping off a cliff hanging by a rope with a harness just fills your head with full of doubts and adrenaline at the same time. Once again, definitely something you have to do before you die.


Our final activity together at Birr and it was well used. I had a bullseye out of 3 shots! Two of them didn't even score anything. Hahaha I'm hopeless at any of these things but I just love having fun :) As long as no one gets hurt,


Release thy anger :)

Got our luggages and headed on the bus ride home. Here's a little video of random clips during the entire trip that don't make sense at all. But it's fun for the memories :)

Now, it's time to iron the clothes!
See yah.

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