Saturday, 9 October 2010


is definitely one of my favourite days. To most students in the world it's known as the day school's over (temporarily though) and the weekend awaits! But to me since I'm a Transition Year student, it's also one of the days I have P.E. and our P.E can vary from volleyball to 


Credits to Lauren for playing with my camera although it turned out black and this was all I could accomplish by editing the lights. HAHAH. Well better than nothing.

While we were waiting for the other half of the class to ride their horses, the guys decided to make some self entertainment by beatboxing. or whatever you call this. Hahaha. 

Horse riding was much better today compared to last week. I learnt the big mistake that I didn't even know existed! Last week I had a horrible time trying to stand up on the stirrups while the horse was trotting and I seemed to fail all the time. Now, I knew why.

I took Lauren's horse(girl on left) and you can obviously see she's way taller than me right? I forgot to adjust the stirrups to my height thus I couldn't really reach it ! Woohoo.

I got a new horse today. Tiger. Also known as, the laziest horse at the ranch. I was even given a stick to tap him to make him actually walk. 

Jamzone was great today ! Elton gave a really good word on 
 Remember that every test we go through is given to build our character, so don't think that God's out to get you, when all He actually wants is to make you into a stronger and better person.

How much do we let our
  reputation influence our true personality? 
When it should be the other way round. Don't always try to fit in around, why be the same as everyone else when God made each and everyone of you 

unique :) 

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