Saturday, 30 October 2010

Zimbabwe Service :)

It was super hot, steaming. It was like a fan but the opposite function. Instead of cooling it'll burn you if you stand too close to it. FELT LIKE HEAVEN. Hahaha
Well Guide, Trent and I headed down to Galway to be part of the Zimbabwe Church Service. We were to be the worship band and it was definitely a crazy ride for us.

They broke out in song and of course in a language I clearly didn't understand and 99% of the songs were extremely new to me but we had to play impromptu on stage by attempting to play by ear.
Trial & Error :)

Trent & I were the ONLY non Africans there but it was really fun though. Although I didn't understand half of everything that was happening, I just couldn't stop moving and seeing people that were 3x my age dancing around in high heels was like WOAH :)

Food that was available there was heaven! Rice, Chicken, Beef, Veggies, Pastries, Biscuits, Cake, Juice, and yeah I was stuffing myself like a total pig..I probably over ate. You know you have that feeling where you just feel like a balloon about to pop?

Yeap Ballooning experience was a definite yes.
Guide and his "baby" well. Guide was having his biscuit which was then taken away by the adorable eyes up there. I guess the line 

"taking candy from a baby"

was reversed :)

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