Monday, 25 October 2010


Nothing beats being in a warm bed, rolling around without a worry of getting up for school or possibly anything else on a Monday morning.

Oh wait, did I say morning? I meant afternoon :)

One of the things I love about holidays that are planless. You get to laze around the entire day slowly doing the chores, cooking spaghetti for dinch (lunch+dinner) and sipping a hot cup of cocoa in the middle of the extremely freezing day while chatting with awesome people

Ben Wong, Ken-Ji, Jon Lim, Choon Thye, Chia Sing and the list goes on. 

Joshua Ng and old friend back when I was in FGA USJ church found old photos from goodness knows where and uploaded them on facebook. It was hilarious to see all the candid goofyness of the past.

I realise I haven't changed that much, aside from the explosion of pimples, the excessive fats and the side fringe.

My hair length is practically the same now as in the photo. Oh and you still can't figure out which girl I am, i'm the one in the checkered red dress :)

How I Met Your Mother

I have yet started to watch another series, after Glee & Gossip Girl why stop there? Korean dramas are one of my favourites but boy they can be so emotion triggering. So why not laugh your entire day off by completing 1 and a half seasons of pure nonsense.

Yeah I kinda watched 30 episodes and am still continuing :D

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