Tuesday, 2 November 2010

All you have to do is...wait for it...LISTEN!

Decorative metal
today was a pure waste of time as most of us already completed our project last week. So in the end helped other people finish theirs..or take photos in super duper polished brass! 

Lauren's wall plaque! Pretty cool eh due to the 3D effect and everything. Today is the start of a long week. Why? we have practice for Grease after school every single day till 6pm. Gosh. Since winter is beginning, the sky is pitch black by the time it turns 5pm. 

Walking back in pitch black darkness isn't fun. Gah.

Last but not least,

Happy Birthday En Yee!!! 
It was great meeting you thanks to homes party and of course getting to know you more and more :D 
Always knew you as the basketball girl who was always sporty :) 
Without Joanne I would have never known you and I'm grateful she brought you!
Even though I'm a banana who hardly knows chinese you were really fun to talk to :)
Hope you're gonna have a blast on your 16th :)

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