Monday, 22 November 2010

And it Begins !

During Irish we were asked to search for the definitions of our names at some point, which we went on the computer. Everyone was searching for names like "O'Dowd, Buckley, and of course, Irish surnames"

whereas my fingers lingered to the wikipedia with the surname 
Chew, also known as (Zhou) , which I found originates from the 
Zhou Dynasty


Audrey - Noble , strength
Chew - Dynasty
Ernern - grace (x2) 

Yeah since  (Zhou En En)
is my name, the en is spelled twice. making grace x2

All this time I thought it was graceful x2. and thought it was so ridiculous as I'm the ultimate klutz in the world. Now it makes more sense. it's GRACE. not GRACEFUL. very very DIFFERENT words.

We were able to get out of class after that due to Grease rehearsals. Since the musical is this Thursday, the whole week has been practically dedicated to the play!

The hall was filled with these ginormous lights hanging from above. These babies with the sound system cost about 4000 which explains why one ticket to the show is  €15. 

The whole day was just dedicated to the dances :)
Dancing from 9am -  6pm is one crazy experience. But there were breaks and all. Definitely not as crazy as cheer practice. THAT was like 8am - 7pm of nonstop throwing people around.

Oh man, memories :D
the pain, the bruises, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the joy :)

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