Sunday, 7 November 2010


A week of school has passed and it was thoroughly filled with millions of rehearsals for the Grease Musical that will be happening on 25-27 November :) Next week I'll be having an Irish and a French test. How awesome. Trying to cram two similar yet extremely different.


I'm trying to remember the spelling and it's so darn hard. gah. French isn't as bad as Irish though.

Giving sweets to students some how motivates them in practising harder for their piano lessons you know? Only had 3 students because one of them just decided not to come. ISH. LOUSEH. I need money man. 

Last Friday during Jamzone, we were preparing a play for the church in Newcastle as we went there today to help them. I've never really acted in a play in church. Normally I'd be dancing or singing in the background but this was ultimately the first time I acted without spouting a word from my mouth. Oh and that's just a random video we did after we were bored :)

Here's a video of our sketch from today :)

The part that suddenly got cut,
was when I put up my hand, all the sins fell flat on the floor, powerless.

Basically the meaning of the story was the girl was close to God, and slowly sin crept into her life tearing her apart but in the end, her Saviour came back and washed her sins away.

Trust me, the falls weren't fake, I have bruises now. HAHA. Yeah I was the girl in white :) It all went to an awesome cause nonetheless. Things I learnt in this video, never ever, pick a fight with Tian. The final fight, I didn't hold back any strength and I didn't have a single chance of winning.

Shepherd and Godknows 
put together a rap and it was real good. Listen properly to the words and it ain't no normal rap :)

It was a great time going all the way to Newcastle to help the church, despite the numbers of the people present, there was no doubt that God was present :) Great job to everyone who helped to take part and for those who helped to direct the sketch :)

Spending the week at Sorah's was great :) thank you so much ! And for Ianne's family and all the lovely food :)

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