Sunday, 28 November 2010

Grease has reach its Greasiest point :)

Tonight was officially the last Greasy night that we would have, and definitely the most memorable ones. We went all out, we gave it out all, screamed our voices out, danced with all our hearts, smiled like there was no tomorrow and darn well gave a mind blowing show that would forever be remembered my many.

Through this journey, we learned to count on each other, to know that alone we will fall but with others we'll stand strong. A musical doesn't happen on its own. From the teachers, to the ones who made the set, to the main leads and to us the chorus people that were hardly seen. Everyone played their own part and without  each and everyone, 

Grease wouldn't be what it is today

We took our last photographs in our costumes, using every single break between the scenes by chatting and snapping away. 
The lads looking fabulous with foundation, lipstick and even mascara. 
The girls glittering away with flawless skin, curves in all the right places and dresses to die for. 

And everyone,
Smiles that would take your breath away ;)

We definitely ended the night with a 
Every last drop of blood, sweat,tears and effort put into the show seemed all worthwhile after all. Tears came into everyone's eyes as we realised, this was our last and final show. No more rehearsals till 6 in the evening. No more returning home with aches and pains thanks to Edel our dance choreographer. 

No more Grease 

We gave bouquets, thank you cards to everyone who pitched in to make Grease happen. The teachers who sacrificed their time and effort. The helpers who did the set. The ones who made the costumes. Which was followed up by a tidal wave of 
hugs and screams.

Here's a little sneak peak of what happened backstage before the show.

Not just that, we needed our spirits to be as high as possible and the lads put together our own Haka :)

To make the night even better, it was the first sight of snow in Killaloe, 2010. 
To make the night the best, it was the first sight of snow, for yours truly.
I went crazy. I mean. CRAZY
I ran out without a jacket, just a skimpy little dress forgetting all about the cold and started making snowballs and throwing them at everyone. 

Made my first mini snowman :) There were no sticks and stones around so yeah. it's faceless. 
Put it down Kieran's shirt ending up with my face getting horribly smashed in the face with a giant pile of snow.

Ran home dancing in the snow, scooping snow off the stationary cars by the roadside and had a snow fight with a random passerby :)

Who ever knew snow could bring such bliss ?

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Mate. This blog is amazing. How can I make it look this good ?.