Saturday, 27 November 2010

Grease is becoming Greasier

The costumes were fighting for space on the railing and were flying on and off at the same time. People running to and fro from the stage and the changing room. 

Our third show, it was on!

Edel came once more to help out with the hair styling. The awesome choreographer of all our dances. Yep every single last one of 'em. It's a wonder how she can just remember every single dance and every single solo! 

Guys were forced to wear pink lipstick and boy don't their lips look even pinkier than mine! HAHA. Wet wipes came to their rescue though as they aggressively attempted to wipe it off.

Success rate?

Greased Lightning
, a car made by Jared's dad that has fully functional wheels and headlights :D Managed to get some stage shots today because mum and Uncle Mike came to watch the show! 
Some shots were excellent like the one above! 
Well, all I have is backstage photos which aren't much help 

Well, she managed to capture the most obscene part of one of my dances, the 
"pyjama party open your legs super wide in the air 5 times shot"
Spot my purple striped pants ! HAHAHAH.

okay I really need to get some shut eye. 
working in the morning tomorrow and our final show is on tomorrow night!!!

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