Friday, 26 November 2010

Let The Grease Begin

The variety of make up, the different shades of eye shadow, the distinct glimmers of lip gloss, the diverse tones of foundation, the bright pinks and reds of the rouge, followed by the groans of unapproving guys detesting the gunk on their faces.


It wasn't just about the makeup, it was all about costumes, hair and of course, the attitude. 
We were travelling back in time to America in the 1950s. 
Over the knee dresses filled with netting at the bottom, neck scarves, ponytails, leather jackets and more.
I had to tie 2 ponytails. Gosh. A feat I have not done since I was like what....four!?

Being in the dressing room was the craziest experience. The blasting of music from the radio, the random outbursts of song, screaming from one end to the other. Random photoshoots.

Two more nights people


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