Monday, 8 November 2010

Let The Record Play

It was a holiday for us students from St. Anne's because our extremely dedicated teachers were having a day of training which meant,


While most people slept in their warm snuggly beds, a group of us headed up to The Playroom @ Sean's house to continue our recording for both our YSI & Mini Company projects. Since Starling Records, our mini company is  recording CDs, we're recording a CD for charity for our YSI project !

We managed to complete 2 songs today which was really good as it's not easy to record voices of 1 person when the other 8 are going crazy and wild outside. Shutting up is kinda hard to do when you're surrounded by friends :)

With hardwork comes the need to refuel and that was gladly helped by Sean's mum, Anne who prepared a feast for our lunch. We were bursting at the seams at the end of it and probably could roll back to the recording studio.

Carrot soup with a mini baguette
A variety of scrumptious pizzas
Crunchy Chicken Goujons 
A magnificent Fruit Pavlova
Chocolatey Chip Cookies 
Chocolate Biscuits of all sorts

Washed down with a hot cuppa tea, fizzy drinks or cool lemon water

A feast fit for a king :)

The second the recording ended we proceeded to school for rehearsals for Grease. Today was 
costume evaluation day. 
The canteen was flooded with flouncy skirts and dresses, wigs, suits and even pyjamas !

Can't wait for Grease! 

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