Tuesday, 16 November 2010

let's dance to this song

Randomly named my blogpost by the title of the song I'm listening to now.

Rehearsals for Grease has become a daily ritual and so has been projects.

This shall be a rant about assignments.
You have been warned.

So, there's this subject YSI ( Young Social Innovators ) and we're tackling the issue of racism. my group decided to introduce 8 different types of food from around the world and sell testers on the event day.
So, we completed the flags, the decorations, some food was even imported from the country of origin.

Then today we were told by the principal that we're not allowed to serve hot food in fear of food poisoning. Not as in spicy hot, but temperature hot. Now we have to start from zilch in thinking of recipes that mostly must be desserts cause practically everything else is served hot.

Not just that, our event is to be postponed to Jan 2011 which means Kathi & Esther the German exchange students would have returned back to Germany.

Geram betul.

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