Sunday, 21 November 2010

Munster Youth @ Waterford

3 hours on the bus to Waterford was pure boring and was accompanied by music. I just realised I was listening to Evacuate The Dance Floor. Haha anyway since I have no mp3, big thank you to Kamil!
This time Abundant Life Church didn't come on the journey with us :( But we got to meet new peeps from Limerick Baptist Church as well!

After a grueling 3 hours, we popped by Tesco for some grub and set up the place and begun worship practice! As usual I'm never able to go for the games so yeah, that's exactly why no photos of games. 
I had a lollipop. The last time I ate one was probably several months ago. 

Lollipoppy goodness.

Random statement : high 5-ing lollipops are gross but kinda cool in a way.

Then when tea time came around the corner, so did the food. trays and trays of nom noms came up. Bruschetta, apple pies, custard pies, sausages and spicy wedges and they were all 

all the guys went mouth first. Gobbling everything down in a second as if they were like vacuum cleaners :O

Dillon gave the word about how God may be calling our name, once, twice but do we listen? Are we too caught up with our everyday lives and the rushes of the world that we become deaf to His words?
Take a break, a rest, a stop because if we don't listen, our very relationship with God might be on the line.

We ended with a few worship songs which was just so powerful, the presence of God just filled the place and it was AMAZING.  My sorethroat just seemed to go away for that few songs and it seemed like nothing else mattered :)

We then hung around for awhile and mingled around. Meet Athiei, my tallest friend that I have. Yeap he's definitely the tallest. Got to meet new people like Louise, Chloe, and yes name memorising is still a challenge to me!

3 hours were then spent once more in the bus back to Shannon. This time round, it was filled with laughter, singing....more like screaming and FOOD. Haha yeah we stopped for food AGAIN. some got chips, some got pizza, some got powdered candy in a stick that looked like drugs and seemed like drugs cos they surely went crazy hyper after all that.

Nah, it was candy.

Spent the night at Jamie's and Paul's. Got up to an awesome breakfast of cocoa pops and headed to church! Supposedly there was to be a BBQ for Clem as he was going to return to South Africa, but guess it was postponed :)

Today was a happy day. Got to talk to someone. hee. I is happy. 

Okay now back to reality. 

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