Friday, 5 November 2010


Currently enjoying a steaming bowl of rice with hot spicy belacan brinjal oddly paired with some crabsticks but it sures tastes like home :)

I'm once again going to be staying in Shannon for the weekend but this time it will be at Isorah's house :) Lugging along with me a handful of badges to be sold for my mini company

HOPEFULLY IT'LL ALL BE SOLD OUT. so far we've already sold 78 badges and boy that's good for the first 4 days!

Just 5 seconds ago, the death of something so dear to me has come. I never knew you would die so fast..


My pair of beloved jeans has ripped at the seams. in the weirdest place ever, I don't even remember it getting cut there.  its like below the thigh area? I bought you from Subang Parade, Voir, in 2005 when I was 11. And surprisingly I'm still able to put them on now. Probably it stretched.

Sayonara pants :(

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