Tuesday, 23 November 2010


So Paris. Well known as the country of romance, love and the Eiffel tower which I thought was spelled as Aifel tower. lol what. typical chinese ma. ai means love right? So..country of love...

Okay nevermind.

All my life I've spoken two languages. English and Malay. Being a Chinese not knowing Chinese was already  a big downfall being called a banana.

To make things more awesome is that now I might have to take up French. For the sake of my leaving cert also known as the STPM over here. 

Because I only have a PMR level of my Malay and there's no Malay over here. So while everyone has an SPM level of Malay when they go to study abroad. I don't. And normally it's a great help when you have a 2nd language on your results sheet.

SO yeah.
Maybe, I really gotta take up French 

*stares at French Book mum just bought for me*
This is the girl who thought je t'aime was pronounced jeh-ta-mei

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