Wednesday, 17 November 2010

quacky quack quack :)

Snap snap snap went the camera as we embarked on our journey OUT OF SCHOOL!! along with our Photography teacher we went looking for things to shoot along Killaloe and Ballina. Of course we just took as a way of dossing school while having fun AND yes we did take photographs mind you!

But yeah.. most of the time we were playing around jumping over benches,  jumping on to random floaty objects, skidding on the mud..unintentionally. gosh I almost slipped a million times. Uggs have horrible grip. Well mine are from Dunnes and are worth 5. Yeah that probably explains it 

Lunch was scrumplicious. Mum met up with me at the Wooden Spoon and had a lunch that made me burst at the seams.

 A hot bowl of Carrot & Coriander soup with brown bread by the side.
 Mum had mushroom bruschetta. 
Both of us had two kid sized hot chocolates
and shared a cream sponge cake with strawberries.

It's a once in a blue moon kind of thing okay? Haha :)

AIB Build A Bank 
opened its sign ups today and we managed to get 20 people to open their accounts! Even though some of them even made a lodgement of 5 cent (which was rather hilarious) It was a great first day! :)

And yeah as usual, we ended the day with yet another rehearsal for 

Tickets are out now! Only 300 tickets per show!

Venue : Hall, St. Anne's Community College

25th Nov 2010, Thursday
26th Nov 2010, Friday 
27th Nov 2010, Saturday

Time : 8pm

Tickets : €7 for students , €15 for adults

On a random note, I found a video of my
  old school SMK SS17's Song
HAHAHAHA hearing the extremely lame patriotic song with random photos of retarded moments at school left me in stitches.

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