Monday, 15 November 2010

Run Nose Run.

Nicholas Ng turns 17 today!
Another person that was awesome to talk to, interesting topics that vary into pure nonsense. It was nice meeting you only at the end of last year :) Without Jian I probably would never have known you so yeah guess I gotta thank him for that :) Do update your blog more ! 

I'm glad I smashed cake into your face at Michelle's birthday so it can make up for your birthday now. Bet you're gonna have an awesome celebration as you form 4 humans have celebrated your freedom.


My best friend tissues have been coming to my rescue lately. Becoming Rudolph the red nosed reindeer doesn't seem like such an unattainable feat anymore considering the amount of times I rubbed my nose silly.

Not only do I have that but one of the biggest happenings in my body now is

Thick, sticky, stringy mucus secreted by the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, as during a cold or other respiratory infection.

The heroic evidence of a troop of brave young white blood cells that died serving its master!....which was then coughed out

Putting all the horrible news behind me, there was a bright light that shone above the rest today.

Audrey Chew Ernern (yes moi) was given the priviledge of being Assistant Manager in the A.I.B Build A Bank Challenge! The interviews were held a couple of weeks ago and the chance of getting the position was like 1 - 10000000. 

All glory to God :)
Thank you :)

Basically we're gonna have a bank in school opening every Wednesday during lunchbreak and we'll be taking lodgements and you'll be saving money! Any student in St. Anne's can open an account. If you sign up on 17th or 24th November you might win 

 €20 free phone credit to any network!

So make sure to sign up with us this Wednesday @ the canteen :)

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