Thursday, 11 November 2010

Save A Dummy

Aisling O'Riordan 
has now legally turned 18 and she feels old :D
Happy birthday anyway to the girl I probably can talk ongoing nonsense :) Grats on your brand new iPod which you brought to school with such glowing pride. 

Hope you'll have a blast :)!


3 letters I used to only know through movies and books but today, was the day I actually tried it.
In First Aid, each of us got a dummy which was practically like a tough balloon.
Our dummies have been used by the previous years but it had been deeply disinfected. really, it reeked of the disinfection smell. 

It was fascinating to see the little plastic lungs swell everytime I breathed in :O

Starling Records went to the Killaloe Boys National Primary School during Mini Company and managed to sell more than 50 badges! Oh I love small kids! We now only have 12 left out of the 150 we first bought.

Looks like we're off to a great starting fund :D
Although now is when the tough part begins. 

Oh boy,

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