Monday, 29 November 2010


The trees were covered in snow as if they grew into their 70s overnight. 

Today was an off day for me. Yeah no school and no work experience. My work experience begins tomorrow as the place doesn't open on Mondays. That gave me the chance to go to town to get some clothes! Last time I shopped was during the summer which means..I have practically no warm clothes! 

Went to The Crescent and went shopping. Although the clothes I'd love to buy were like the photo. Sensibility came into mind that yeah, I do need to get a coat. So after this shop and that shop finally settled on a dark purple dresscoat. 

Yeah they have Body Shop here too! Woo.

Mum and I headed to the cinemas to catch 
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows : Part 1
The cinema was practically deserted leaving us with a wide variety of seats.
I know the movie came out ages ago! But oh well. It was a miracle I was even able to see this in the cinema! Thought I'd have to sit behind my laptop searching for the clearest version online.

Movie was draggy at points but nonetheless it was great. I really need to read all 7 books again. I only did that once and that was YEARS ago. The story is practically forgotten!

Was able to catch Social Network as well thanks to Uncle Jimmy who lent it :) This one I had to watch behind my laptop screen haha but it was excellent! I didn't know it was based on the actual founders of Facebook :) It's cool cos it really related to me as yeah, guilty as charged,

Facebook addict.

Proof : i facebook-ed about the movie immediately after viewing it haha !

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