Wednesday, 10 November 2010

torn between two

Texting Chris earlier made me realise that I was in the minority phone line over here as he freaked when he realised he used up a whole lot of credit to text me . Back home it was always Maxis, Digi  & Celcom. Whereas here it's Meteor, o2 and Vodafone.

When I first came to Ireland, I was clueless on which phone network that was more popular over here. So I just went ahead and bought a Vodafone.

So well, I logged on to the Meteor website to find out if there were free texts to all networks as par to my current plan with Vodafone and to my delight there was and the sim card would be free and I get to keep my number. I thought that was the best of both worlds!

Or so I thought.

Till I found out Meteor charges 25c per text and 50c per min call  to Malaysia.
Vodafone on the other hand charge 15c for both of those.

But you know that feeling where you can't text people just because it costs a bomb. I might be here for the past several months. I can't believe it's already November! But you know, being the new girl hasn't changed much :S doesn't help when you have the minority phone network.


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