Sunday, 14 November 2010

What A Wacky Weekend :D Wawwww

15 people on a 52 seater bus. Definitely a new experience with everyone lazing around in their own two seats and no one was fighting for the back seats because well, all of us were able to get one.

Jamzone didn't happen on Friday because on Saturday we headed to Limerick Abundant Life church because Jason came to speak and it was a combined event :)

Christian my awesome Malaysian Penangite friend. well he was born here but his parents are from Penang. Started screaming "Zai Jian!! Wo ai ni!! 再見!我爱你! "(byebye I love you) when we parted. It's like last time I hardly spoke any chinese and saying the stupidest most common line ever made me smile like crazy. How ironic for a fellow banana.

The lightings were so cool. well they technically weren't because they were half awesome lights half awesome heaters :D The worship band was great. 

Derek continued with the introduction of what Pulse 2010 was all about, it's basically a youth camp that challenged youths and taught them more about what God is about. They showed videos about what happened this year and there's gonna be Pulse 2011 in July.

Then he started giving out free tees :D

Like a test, there were questions and answers (A,B, or C) and we had to go to the person that had the answer which we thought was right. Asked random general questions about Irish sportsmen, Irish geography which I obviously had no clue and just went with the shot gun.

In the end I got one right! Why? It had to do with one thing I love.

Q : What is used for a traditional Irish Stew?
A: Pork
B: Beef
C: Lamb


shame on all ye Irish people who got that wrong :D

We had a great time and the word given by God through Jason was so mind blowing. He said the words that just struck an arrow through my heart. 

Reminding me, Reassuring me, Challenging me.

Reminding myself that, being here in Ireland was no coincidence, but God's plan, 
God's test for me. 
How else would I be able to come out triumphant with my own testimonies if God doesn't test me? 

At the end of the day I went over to Jamie and Paul's house. They're a young couple in my church who decided to open up their house for me to stay every weekend till they leave Ireland at the end of the year.

They had a beautiful house with 2 extra fully furnished bedrooms and my jaw just flipped open the moment I saw the room. I felt like I was in a hotel man. With a king size bed, dressing table, a cupboard and it looked all brand new :O

Not to forget their adorably cute-to-die-for son, Timothy. He had plushie toys all lined up on his bed. A sheep. giraffe. bear....SHEEP. :D

Where is this? A restaurant? A cafe? Nah, it's 


Hahahah , we got a hearty dinner that was lovely made by his parents. His dad made the dearest apple pie with fresh cream on top which was eyed by Benji the dog while we watched Aiden get kicked out of X-Factor

But it was not all fun and games for us. It involved loads of paper, printing, cutting and sticking.

We successfully made over 50 copies of Noel's new album , Taking Off which will be on sale in school tomorrow! It's only 6.99 and if you're a student its only


If interested, do leave a message in my chatbox on the left or find me in school :)

There are only a 100 copies so do hurry!

In the CD there are 6 songs which are 5 covers and his original single, Love Me Too :) 

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