Tuesday, 21 December 2010


The German Exchange students of our class finally had to go back to Germany. Kathi & Esther.  
The ones I normally had lunch with by the heater in the cafeteria. After their 3 months of being here, looks like their time is up and our class has only 21 students now.

Tried all I could and nah, Esther still refused to take a photo.
Resulting in this horrible horrible candid photo of yours truly.

Well my day was a little boring, gloomy and was heading towards the whole depression state.

Thanks to Ben and all the other psychos that were in the car along with him..
Bianca, Charlotte, and especially JoBen who kept screaming :) Oh i miss that sound. Even if it was through the phone. I felt as if I was there.

Thanks as well to the whole Skype Gang after that
Pr Andy, Yi Wei, Charlotte, Eugene, Amanda 

and of course Ken-Ji :D for de-emoing me.

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