Sunday, 12 December 2010

Back To Da 80s @ Comp

Not only my school had a play but so did Comp. and they did


In support of Melissa and Asher that's in the play a whole gang of us from Jamzone went to watch! 
Mostly to see Ash dance. HAHAH that was a sight no one has seen :)

The lighting was flashy, the tiered seats were great. Oh my photos are horrible cos I was in the very last row (Row the math in the alphabet). The lead singers were superb. The backup dancers weren't as lively though. 

Humour was overflowing, best actor, definitely the nerd. Hahah he totally went all out :)

What astounded me was..they actually hired a live orchestra to play their music. Wow? That would cost a bomb. 

But one thing I can say confidently is, 
St Anne's Greased Lightning Car totally pawned theirs :D

Then Asher finally appeared ( Middle ) Us being the back row, started screaming, clapping, waving our hands to the songs creating a whole lot of havoc and chaos...which actually scared the people sitting in front of us.

They even evacuated after the intermission and sat elsewhere

HAHAHAH. We didn't mean to do that okay. We just got too excited seeing our friends on stage :)

After the show, we cheered and met up with Melissa in the cafeteria where they started crying, celebrating, stuffing their faces with junkfood and snapping tons of photos :)

It's funny when you find out that one of the main popular girl leads is actually together with the nerd in real life :)

Anyway thanks Godknows for dropping me off at Jamie's & Paul's home.

Jamie cooked scrumplicious porkchops for dinner and my tummy was happy. Spent the night tossing and turning though. Couldn't seem to sleep properly. Atleast I finished reading my book !

mindblowing book :) Malaysia's even mentioned in it ! haha

Oh random fact. On the way home today there was this big match at the Limerick Stadium and there were bag pipers outside.

Entertainment while stuck in the car due to the jam :)

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