Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Bake bake bake.

Been watching a korean drama filled with baking so I got into the baking mood. Made a bread pudding for the first time! Haven't actually eaten it yet but yeah it looks nice I guess? When I knew the amount of butter that was in the recipe my stomach almost hurled. 

it's like swimming in butter!

Shopping trip was made once more and this time I got a new bed set! Brown with blue flowers all over. And finally I have gotten myself some jeans! The last time I bought jeans was when I was 11 and sadly they've torn and I always failed to find jeans.

This time, managed to get 2 pairs for 35 euro from Dorothy Perkins :D
Sales are just too good to be true ;)


Ali said...

halo audrey telah membaca blog anda, anda sangat berbakat dan inspirasi yang ingin anda yang terbaik untuk 2011

a.c.e. said...

Wah? Terima kasih banyak banyak. Saya tidak tahu blog saya boleh menginspirasikan orang lain. terima kasih :)