Tuesday, 28 December 2010


The sun shone and the breeze was light, then did I realise it was 13 degrees outside my window. What an astonishing rise from the previous -13 days. For the first time I actually opened my windows to let some air in! I didn't really have anything planned for the day and proceeded  to the computer.

Then Ken-Ji suggested I go out for a walk which I absolutely did :D Met up with Conor, Shelley, Dari and met some new friends as well. Felt nice to get some air I guess. Not just being cooped up all the time.

And along with that, got to see Conor before he flew off to Spain. How nice, going to Spain to see your girlfriend for a week. Have fun there with Marta lucky guy :D I hate you as you're gonna miss my birthday! 

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Seraph said...

wei dumbass you got a dslr or unc mikes wan?