Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Christmas Cheer

Today the girls had some random test which I totally forgot about. Funny part was the whole point of taking the test was to become a Spike Ball Coach for the primary students in January and everyone knows me and sports are mortal enemies !

But hey, I guess me and memorising words on a page go together.

As today was the last studying day of this semester we kinda hardly did any work (well we did zilch) and we had sing-a-longs and goodbyes to our teachers as we're going to get a new schedule with new subjects when we return in January.

So this is us, singing Stille Nacht, Silent Night the German version

Came home to discover a branch of mistletoe on my laptop which my mum bought for 3 euro as it was imported all the way from France.

My first time laying eyes on mistletoe as always described in story books and more and its famously known for people kissing beneath it.

Then I got to see my darling Chia Sing all dolled up as she returned from her prom. Finally she's going to be leaving Taman Sea school and going to COLLEGE NEXT YEAR OMG.

She looks so pretty :D
I jealous.

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