Friday, 31 December 2010


My Drama list has once more increased! 
I've always been watching Korean dramas and have only watched one Japanese one. So this is my 2nd one! Definitely made me laugh to bits as they added so many anime things into it.

Hana Kimi's old and I know that. But I never watched it. Still hilarious. When a girl disguises herself as a boy in school what else can be worse? Haha
King Of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.
When I read the title I felt the korean drama was gonna be kinda dumb. But since Charlotte recommended it to me I just gave it a try. Was shocked when it amounted to 30 episodes! Most dramas have the maximum of 24. But boy I wasn't disappointed at all!

Firstly, both the main guys were extremely hot. Found it so hard to hate the bad character when he's so hot. But I liked how the drama ended in a twist on how the main guy DOESN'T end up with the main girl. He instead falls for the other girl that's chasing him.

First time I've encountered that in a drama 

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