Friday, 31 December 2010


Brought Aunty Salvee down to see the Ennistymon Falls in all its foamy glory. Spent the entire ride there plugged into Korean songs. I'm actually starting to understand super basic Korean. That's what happens when  you are forced to watch an unsubtitled episode as every website seemed to have lost the video -.-

Stopped by our favourite bakery of all sorts. Nah we didn't get meringues. Got some pastries with nuts, apple strudels and a slice of carrot cake! Got into the car and stuffed our faces and proceeded on to our next stop!

Lahinch! There were psycho people surfing in this icy cold weather! For some reason there was an exorbitant amount of dogs in cars. Schnauzers, Terriers, Labradors, little unknown fluffy things which I don't know the breed. But basically yeah, dogs galore.

Food . Food. Food. How can I ever miss that out right? Popped into a quaint little place which served small portions with not-so-small prices. Nonetheless, the food was scrumptious. I tried a piece of pheasant! It feels like a crossbreed between a chicken and a cow. Hahaha. Unique in its own way.

Since the servings were rather small, we ordered some dessert to share which was..small as well. 
Baked Alaska!
Sadly they didn't demonstrate it being torched in front of our eyes. Just arrived on our table already toasted.

Fine dining always takes a rather long amount of time. To entertain us while waiting was this adorable little boy sitting across us. He did everything. Played with toys, screamed, laughed, posed for the camera and even some army crawling on the floor.

Our final stop was the Cliffs of Moher. Despite the slightly chilly weather it was a good climb and I felt like I haven't exercised for years. Felt like I could just roll down in one big ball bulldozing everyone over.

Even bumped into an adorable Korean family there! I felt like pinching the daughters cheeks. SO CUTE. Offered to snap a photo and wished i said hana dul ses . Well, I said anyeong in the end :)

Korean Dramas have so much effect ! Haha

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