Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

The long winding goodbye 2010 post has now begun. Every year I write a draggy emotional post about my year and it seems to increase in photos and decrease in words every year. This time it's going to be a thank you post.

First of all, I wanna thank God so much for giving me the awesome friends at school. My classmates, my schoolmates. The stupid moments. The emotional moments. The downright retarded moments.

The club I always dreamt about being in since I came into secondary life. Not only was I able to join, I was able to become the Vice Pres. The stressful moments crying worrying about the Valentines orders, I.U. Day preparations. The laughter during practices or the outings. 

The memories of bringing Interact from a rather fallen state, to be actually known :) and the new relationships built.

My family at school. My wife, Esther Kee for the 10 years and the stupid son I got, Choon Thye who never failed to put a smile on my face, hear me out and retaliate with the most random things on the earth. The moments the GGB gang drenched me with water on my last week at school. The shopping moments with the girls. Hosting Christian Fellowship in my house..and even now thanks to God is now once again official in school.

Volunteering at my church office. Being able to learn so much more about God, grow more in Him, experience new things I never have, and got to know so many new people. The memories of the extreme calls. Sharing with others. Learning about Photoshop & Illustrator. Eating lunch, waiting 45 minutes for the awesome bowl of pork noodles that Ben Choong adores.

My mum's wedding
Seeing her happy again. That I'm thankful for. The friends that came to support me, ending up being the noisiest bunch in the entire wedding. Some came all the way from Petaling Jaya or even Bukit Jalil..The stupid photos. The fattish eaters who scoffed down the 9 course dinner. 

The friends that God blessed me with that came all the way to send me off at the airport. Never did I think that such a big group would come. I thought maybe just one car would come but in the end..I don't even know how many cars had to drive all the way! Some idiot I love even sat in the taxi with me there.

The cards you guys gave me, the hugs I got, the tears that I saw. 
I knew I was loved.

The new life I was given. 
The classmates I made, the new friendships, the whole new culture. Learning words like "cultchie, knacker" and adding the word "like" several times to the end of sentences. Finding out that the word "meet" means French kissing which absolutely horrified me. Experiencing new things like horseriding, river gorging, abseiling and of course being in a musical.

Then God blessed me once more with an awesome church to be with. Shannon Christian Church. The different friends I've made, being able to serve as a pianist and even blessed me with a new beginning this 2011 as I have now been given the opportunity to become a teen leader over here. 

Some people tell me my life is perfect, it's not.
Some people ask me how come I can keep smiling. I don't.
It's just all about thinking of what you've got, appreciating the things you do have and stop concentrating on what you lack.

This I have not perfected yet of course. Just yesterday one of my closest dearest friends said to me
"Get that sadist mindset of your head. It's eating you and killing you Audrey if you don't deal with it"

So my new year resolution for 2011

happy new year everyone :)

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