Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Greeeneeee Room

Time passes by and before I knew it, tomorrow will be my final last day working at
  The Greene Room
The clock ticked on as the customers came in and left with hairdos galore. 

Seeing hairstyles I'd never dare to try. A girl came in and shaved one side of her head into fish scale patterns. I was just watching in awe with my jaw somewhere on the floor.

Then out of curiosity, I asked them how much it'd cost for a haircut...and I learnt that it costs 45 euros (RM180) for a haircut. 


But even though it's really expensive, I'm saying it's worth it. After I got that free haircut I absolutely love my hair! So I recommend for everyone to check it out !

Webcamming makes me laugh no matter what.
Thanks Chia Sing & Hafiz Aiman :) You've grown Hafiz ! Can't believe you're gonna be 14 next year ;) 

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