Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I'll catch a grenade for you

Woke up late for work, ran to the school almost slipping 39502 times only to arrive at an empty school. IT WAS A SNOW DAY AND I DIDN'T KNOW.

I could have remained in bed. Gah.

Anyway, completed 19 Christmas bookmarks as presents to my class I'm taking care of :) Spent my entire day zoning out, doing some cleaning and playing the piano. I was so bored I actually took Uncle Mike's DSLR and...


I haven't SS-ed for a longggg while okay. I got bored. Hee. I'm too scared to take the DSLR out of the house so I'll just remain in my house when I use it haha!

Had a video chat with one of the most unexpected people, Brandon Tham! Someone I haven't talked to in ages but ended up laughing with. 

Au revoir 

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