Friday, 31 December 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Musical's are definitely something I adore. This time, it was a pantomime. Mum, Aunty Salvee and myself headed to Univerity of Limerick to watch the well known Disney cartoon live,

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.

The crowd was mainly children but that's why all the more it was enjoyable with such an interactive crowd.

There were tons of kids that were involved in the play and some of them had voices that would make your jaw drop. The girl who played the role of the mirror definitely stunned me. 

Not only did she look stunning, her voice didn't fail to impress either.

The star of the show was definitely the queen as well, you can obviously see isn't a woman. All the jokes that he made, purposely going to the crowd and woo-ing the men by sitting on their laps or something. It was definitely entertaining on how he would scream at you or wink at you directly in the face.

As I was sitting in the front row I was a victim as well.

The pantomime wasn't your typical Snow White story though, they mixed it with overflowing Irish jokes that had to do with politics, X Factor and even Horatio Caine from C.S.I as seen in the photo above. 

Of course with Horatio, his signature move of removing his shades before he said any punch line.

They even inserted lost characters from totally different stories. Harry Potter & Hermione who got lost in the woods where the dwarfs lived. Finding it disgusting how the queen uses magic for evil and so on.

Creativity just bursts out of the box doesn't it ?

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