Saturday, 25 December 2010

My first Christmas Eve @ Ireland

At 4pm I sent out a bunch of texts to Malaysian humans as well, it was already 25th Dec for them and well why not join in the wishing? Some of the smart ones replied me on my maxis number which is YES still in function. And you can text me for whatever normal maxis rate you have in Malaysia.

The..NOT SO smart ones on the other hand texted my Irish number which cost them Rm1 per text. Hahaha it ain't my fault. I'm too lazy to keep informing people. Everytime I do, they tend to just text back my Irish number I don't know why. Hahha!

The kids in the church put together a Christmas play and they were spectacular. Each kid had to take on 5 different roles or something due to lack of...well, kids. They were great though. Really entertaining and definitely played their roles well :)

There were other people from the nearby church who came over for a performance as well as they sang along . Despite the small numbers, it was definitely an entertaining performance as well...As I had to play the piano spontaneously hahah!

The talented Maglaque's sang Hosanna together. Trent on the guitar with all 3 of them singing in different harmonies. As they chose one of my favourite songs I absolutely loved their performance! 

Justin played JOY TO THE WORLD ! It was such a joyful sight to see someone else other than me playing the piano and him being a small kid made it all the more cuter :D

And well yeah, I played the piano throughout the service. Bits and pieces here and there and was the accompaniment for Ianne as she sang "Mary, Did You Know" A really beautiful Christmas song. You should go check it out later. GOOGLE. It's useful.

Just realised I never took photos of the church itself, so here's one. As you can see there are multiple flags hanging up representing all the countries that are present in our church! :)

So yeap that's how I spent my Christmas Eve, snapping photos, laughing with friends, playing the piano, singing carols and travelling back home on icy and foggy roads and having not just a White christmas,

but a

-12°C Christmas 

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