Friday, 10 December 2010

My last day @ Killaloe Girls School :(

Thankfully school wasn't snowed in today so we were able to rehearse for the play and the kids were all dressed up and tried their very hardest to stay away from the script. 

We even got a mini audience from the little juniors below us :)

Painting was my last project with the kids, all the drawings were to be done by me..17 individual art projects. I never did so much art in my life!!!

HAHAH. I haven't painted since Primary school and wow this took me back. All the paint splattering everywhere. my hands, shirt, hair, face. 

At the end of the day, some of the kids came up to me and handed me handmade christmas cards. Definitely something I'll treasure dearly ;)

Handed them each a bar of kitkat with their personally made bookmark and gave out some prizes doing a mini quiz. I know I'm just too awesome right ;)?

Finally, I had to say goodbye, to the most awesome yet mischevious class :)
I'll definitely remember every single part of teaching you.


rachelwsf said...

hey, you were teaching? still teaching? ahahah part time or permanent one?

a.c.e. said...

oh its a programme run by my skul where we are required to work for a week without getting paid ( just 4 the experience ) so i only worked there for a week. in ireland if you don't have Irish for your Leaving Cert (STPM level) u're not allowed 2 bcome a teacher