Thursday, 9 December 2010

Nothing like a slice of pie :)

Snow may be fun at first, then they can be a pain in the...yeah. Once again the primary school was closed which meant no work experience for me, hopefully there will be school tomorrow as it's my last day.

Well, thanks to Aoife W I knew about it the day before thus I was able to plan to do something rather than laze around.

So we headed down to Limerick! For some shopping !! Yeah. There were sales here and there but still prices are exorbitant. Thanks to mum I got a pair of boots and a ring! 

Last time I ever bought any jewellery was probably last year in 2009 so yeah!! 

Ended the day with a hearty meal at Finnegan's. I felt guilty and weirdly I felt less hungry because I wore a scarf...I don't know but I feel like I'm being choked. So shared the meal with mum

Ate the cabbage from bacon and cabbage
Half a banoffee slice of pie
some coffee 

I'll begin rolling around now :)

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