Saturday, 4 December 2010

One week to go!

Working at The Greene Room has officially ended. No more cleaning hairbrushes, sweeping piles of multicoloured hair, mopping up the wet floor, making tea & coffee. Thankfully, it ended on a high.

A little girl maybe 2 years old came in for a haircut demanding it to be dyed blue and was sadly dissapointed when the blonde was to stay. We found clip on extensions and she went back home with sonic blue hair and a BEEEEEG smile on her face.

Since the first week of work experience passed, Orla, Jade and I met up at Scoops for ice cream! Ronia as well since she's working there haha!
 Even I was shocked I wanted ice cream when the weather was -5°C

So other than ice cream, there was hot chocolate, refillable tea & coffee, cookies, cakes, donuts, sweet & savoury crepes. Oh it's heaven!

After staring at the menu for ages I finally decided on a 
sweet crepe filled with pears and chocolate with a scoop of mango and cream ice cream


Headed to Jamzone right after and had a great time of sharing, hearing each others struggles and triumphs :) and spent the night at Jamie's and Paul's. A wonderful couple with a terrific son Timmy !

Woke up the next morning and was provided with a hearty breakfast of cereal, toast and coffee. Spent my days teaching 4 students and yes they do exist!

Presenting, one of the best students 
See, they do exist.
I actually do teach :D

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