Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Playful Kiss.

Always have and always will have obsession for korean dramas. 
Playful Kiss
 yet another drama that I wanted to watch for a long time and finally did in 2 days ! Definitely a really great drama, compared to the extremely depressing Cinderella's Stepsister.

There's something about me and Asian guys. The hair , the eyes, the smile, the personality. 
Yeah Yeah I know it's a drama but a girl can dream can't she?
Anyway I've been definitely improving ! This is the 3rd Korean Drama that I have not shed a single tear. Definitely a bucketful of "awws" and "whathehack" faces staring at the annoying girl in the drama. but that's about it :)

Not to forget the ultra adorable ten year old that reminds me of a younger 
Ho Chee Kin. 
 i don't know why but it just does.
WHO THINKS THEY LOOK ALIKE COS I JUST DO. with this photo in particular :)
Chee Kin, why weren't you as cute as him eh? 

Okay I have Work Experience tomorrow! Well, I began today but I'll blog about it tomorrow! :)

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