Sunday, 19 December 2010

Rachel Comes ! Day 1 & 2

Rachel (my awesome possum cousin)
came over to Ireland on Thursday and we headed off to Bunratty Castle on Friday. Mum stayed at the nearby coffee shop sipping a latte while we ruled the castle making a laughing stock out of ourselves yet enjoying every minute.

We managed to climb to the top of the castle (sadly not the tower as it's barred) and got to see a spectacular breathtaking view. Thankfully there wasn't so much "traffic" going up and down the castle stairs as compared to my previous visit with Sonya.

Bunratty castle was decorated differently as it's now the winter season. there was snow all around, Santa's on chimneys and even a room with all the presents for the "nice" kids. And how can the presents be passed out without the awesome bunratty polar express.

Santa upgraded from reindeers -> trains.

And not to forget the adorable pigs, shetland ponies, loads of chickens and geese who seemed really scary. One of em began honking and the others followed in unison as if it was a war call towards us. We ran immediately and ended the first day with basically shopping. 

Bought the most expensive dress I ever have in my entire life.
40euros / RM160 
But it's so. SO. nice.
Thank you mumsie :D

Oh wait! That's not how we ended our day. We went to see the screening of The Snowman along with the life mini orchestra playing in the background. It was more of a kids performance as they had interactive activities with dancing and singing. But no harm in reminiscing on old times right?

I even bumped (more like ambushed) into 5 of the girls from the Killaloe Primary Girls School. All of em' crowded around me hugging my legs screaming


The sun rose after a night of 5 hours of nonstop korean dramas and we headed over to 


There was an international Christmas fair there that was so beautiful. Every country around Europe was found there with a stall (almost all) It's how I wished our YSI project would have been. First stall we attacked was the mini pancake stall. But what was so different about the flavour?


Next we craved for some meat and who wouldn't fancy abit of crocodile right? But sad to say it was all sold out so all I had was a bit of kangaroo. I felt real bouncy after that one ;) 

A big juicy meaty kangaroo patty decorated with fried onions in the middle of two sesame seed buns!

I know most people would say 


I know, but it's not like I'm going to do this on a daily basis y'know? Just a...once in a pink moon kind of thing. 

I can now die in peace stating I have tasted kangaroos.

There was a humongous French bakery stall which had a large variety of meringues! Original, vanilla, cappucino, caramel, pistachio 


Not just meringues, there was a whole section of little cakes, apples, blueberrys, walnuts, chocolate, and a wide selection of tarts, pies and cookies. 

A sweet tooth haven

Pretzels. A delicacy I dearly miss. 
Munching a warm cinnamon pretzel along with a cool cup of passion fruit juice at Aunty Anne's in Sunway Pyramid with a dear close friend. 
The minute Rachel and I saw this we definitely knew


While I was queueing up for some Hot Chocolate with Baileys which I failed to get due to the machines breaking down...Rachel bounced up to me with a steaming hot Dutch waffle smothered in thick chocolate sauce.

The day was getting more and more sinful each time.

Not to mention,
Beats Big Apple. J & Co. Krispy Kreme. Dunkin Donuts or whatever okay.

It's just a plain little freshly fried donut..but it's so crunchy on the outside but melts in your mouth on the inside. I almost melted on the spot.

Macaroons for those who have a liking for sticky coconut pastries. Not exactly my favourite because it's extremely sweet but I know Blair from Gossip Girl are absolutely in love with them. I don't know why I know that.. but I think someone told me that before

I know the post has been mostly about food but yes there was unedible things for sale as well. Dreamcatchers were on sale originating from the land of the Red Indians. There was even a huge live sized teepee open for kids to play in !

Think it's an apple? WELL you're absolutely wrong. It's a 


Yeah they're swirly squiggly potatoes that go round and round. But nah I didn't try this one. My tummy was already reaching its limits and yeah I knew I had to stop (eventually I began again anyway Haha!)

The journey was definitely not complete without creepy performing puppets on the side of the road. Well, That one was creepy for me (Especially the one with the pink wig) 
Christmas carollers on the other hand really brought the hype of the Christmas spirit all around in the freezing -2 degree cold!

The Claddagh ring originates from the fishing village, Claddagh which is just outside of Galway so Rachel & I both got ours here.

What is this Claddagh ring? 
If you're Irish you'll definitely know but if you're not..
The heart symbolises Love
The hands, Friendship
and the crown, Loyalty

If you wear it on your right hand with the heart facing towards others means you're single. If it faces you, it means you're in a relationship. If worn on the left hand it either means you're engaged/married.

So there! :) You have learnt a little something new.

A good meal consisting of pan mee noodle soup with minced lamb and a good sleep on the way back home. After all the photo uploading and korean drama watching

I have church in the morning and another full day with Rachel so,
I bid you goodnight readers from Ireland, and goodmorning readers from Malaysia :)

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