Monday, 20 December 2010

The Tourist

After hearing about the carboot sale that's at Tuamgraney every Sunday we decided to bring Rachel there! Well, Michael has his shop there as well as we're clearing out all the items that's in the shop downstairs 

(oh yeah, my house used to be a shop downstairs so there's still merchandise there)

The carboot sale's at a horsey place explaining the photo above. Although we ran off as fast as possible as it was so cold our fingers were turning blue!

My love for sushi has not died as I have the most awesome sushi maker ever


smoked salmon with cut up cucumber rolled up with rice and seaweed. Cheap and tasty!
I would really love the Nitsume sauce in Sushi King though :) Ooh and those tempura prawns on the purple plate!

As we hadn't much to do, we went down to The Crescent Mall and watched 


The intriguing story of the love between Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp. I would grade it 7/10. What I loved was the ending was TOTALLY what I didn't expect along with all the other viewers.

Watching at the 3rd row from the front was worth the neck aches :)

Once again ended our night by watching more korean dramas together but this time eating a bowl of bibimbap korean rice along with the chilli paste, minced beef, shredded veggies and a sunny side up egg :)


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