Friday, 17 December 2010

TY Trip Down To Dublin

A whole bunch of excited students teared each other apart aiming for the oh so highly valued seat :

The backseat of the bus

On the other hand, I always aim for the middle. Thanks to my head which tends to wobble to and fro I end up with horrible headaches which thankfully were absent during this trip !

The Transition Years were heading down to Dublin for a day trip of learnin at the Irish Aid Centre as well as the European Commission Centre. Wasn't ultimately our main attraction...

We all went for the shopping :)

My camera somehow got passed around the bus and when I opened my folder on the computer I saw this LOVELY photo of someone's retainers. Thanks. It was utterly welcoming

Sat with Katie all the way half chatting away and half nodding away from lack of sleep. The bus was fairly lively but not that much. Some were singing away, some were just messing around. Some were fantasizing on what to buy later.

Thank God we finally reached Dublin, the capital of Ireland! How ironic it was to previously SORT OF live in the capital of Malaysia previously, Kuala Lumpur. Whereas now I have to drive 2-3 hours to get to Dublin.I know I was in Subang but like could just take a short drive down to KL and shop through the various shopping malls

Oh I remember my record was 9 malls in a day after our PMR Exams. Haha that was class.

Irish Aid Centre.
We learnt about world hunger which was highly focused more towards Malawi, Africa. He showed us a video clip of the life of an 18 year old girl there and how she just began going to primary school as free education was only introduced in 1990. 

They even had a live activity that placed us as families there and how we would have limited food sources and life threatening situations.

Thought us to be really grateful for what we already have

Soon our much awaited time arrived.


We split up into lil groups and went for a shopping spree. Most of the lads headed to get a bite whereas the girls rushed through the doors of River Island, New Look, A Wear and so on. But thanks for only the 50 minutes given time to shop, I returned empty handed.

It's so annoying that I have to take off 4 layers of clothes just to try on ONE top.

We made a trip down to European Commission Centre. We basically watched a 20 minute video about how the EU was formed and were quizzed about it later. Truth be told, the video had super power abilities of..making us sleep.

Quiz was a matter of making smart answers, total ridiculous ones, or trying to read the mouths of our teachers  secretly answering it to themselves.

Without food, how could we go on? So on the way back from Dublin we stopped somewhere in this fabulous mall that had crazy sales on shoes. Oh gosh I wish I had smaller feet. Having such ginormous feet can be such a pain.

Back to the photo, that ladies and gentlemen is ONE slice of pizza. It was freaking huge!! Eoin & Kieran were definitely delighted with it :)

I on the other hand rushed to the oriental restaurant which then I found out the owner's Singaporean and the cashier's Malaysian from Ipoh! Had a plate of Szechuan Char Siew Hor Fun! :) had the opportunity of tapao-ing some back home as it was way too much.

Finally the bus ride home continued with tons of music playing, lads jumping from the front of the bus to the back and so on. 

Came back home to see an awesomely familiar similar face in my house.

Mum has granted me permission on skipping school tomorrow and Monday to spend the next 4 days with her!


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