Sunday, 12 December 2010

what will I do without skype :D

At 3 in the morning, Malaysia, most people were tucked in their beds snoring away with saliva dripping from one end of their mouths. But these 3 psychos weren't.

Kah Tsin. Chia Sing. Wei Yng.

We ended up talking for almost 2-3 hours of pure nonsense. Hearing me eating my dinner munching away while they talked about the good old days or discussed what we would do when I returned. Talking about a trip that will only come to pass in 6 months time and planning it as if we're going tomorrow. It felt as if we were all in the same room laughing away.

Thank God for microphones and Skype

It was pure nonsense, it was great :) We were even talking about how Kah Tsin will have to serve in National Service next year meaning...he's gonna go bald. 

So I did some newbie photoshopping on his awesome hair into..yeah


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Carson L. said...

oh my got T_T AudreeyyyYYYyyYyyyyYYYYYYyyyyy!!!!!! haha Pig Season!!