Saturday, 25 December 2010

A White Christmas

My First White Christmas was spent with 3 new pimples on my face and a sleepless night due to editing the video cover of me and Isorah which you can watch...

Scrambled out of bed with 10kg bags under my eyes and walked up the street to the Killaloe Catholic Church for Morning Christmas Mass as I followed Uncle Mike :) The church was rather packed and even met some of my students that I had during my Work Experience

There was a crib set up together with Mary, Joseph & Baby Jesus on display. After returning back home did some last minute Christmas wrapping. Crazily wrapping 4 gifts and thankfully it was in time! And after Mark, Paul and Michael arrived, we soon tucked in!

Mum roasted a big fat turkey decorated with fresh lettuce by the sides and pineapples and cherries on the top with two flags waving on the top of it, one Irish and one Malaysian. To go with the turkey was a lil tub of cranberry sauce!

Mum baked some chocolate cupcakes with fondant icing on top decorated with the holly and its berries which were immediately zapped up and I think every single last one has disappeared into someone's belly. Or probably it's still travelling down the oesophagus hah!

A known Christmas tradition here is to enjoy some minced pies. It actually has a bittersweet kind of taste as it has spices in it. Not such a big fan of the pies as when minced pies comes to mind, it's real beefy kinda pies. Not sweet ones. 

To enjoy a warm glass of mulled wine. is what most people here would like. We just thought of trying whatever it is. It has kind of a similar taste with the minced pies. Except it's in liquid form haha!
 Wine....just doesn't tickle my tastebuds either hah,

So Mum, Uncle Mike, Mark, Paul, Michael & Aunty Salvee. That's who I spent my Christmas Day with. A different experience definitely, but hey! life's about trying new things right? 

Not only that, we got a real Christmas tree. This is definitely a year of firsts. And guess what, the year is coming to an end in approximately 6 days and 2010 just flew by like that. 

So PRESENT TIME!!! This year I wasn't expecting to get many gifts at all aside from mum. But I guess I was wrong. Rachel Chang came to visit and I got a cute little dinner bag along with a matching bracelet to go with.

Ianne & Isorah got me this super awesome perfume by Kate Moss. The Wild Meadow which was just released this year :) A really unexpected gift which I absolutely love :D Thanks so much both of you. Was really surprised.

Another one that shocked me was I received 30 worth of shopping money from Paul, Mark and Michael. Definitely didn't expect this at all! Hahah but thanks so much now I can go shop more! Yeahhh ! So that's the list of gifts I got for Christmas, 

And the best present was from my dear mummy. A portable hard drive for me to back up all my photos and files before a tragedy happens and I lose everything as I did in 2006.  I originally wanted to buy it myself due to the Christmas sales, then mum suggested for it to be my Christmas present and it came to pass. Not just that, I got money from both Uncle Mike & Mummy ! Thank you bothh :) Love you :)


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